Reclining the grind

Yup I’m back with the blogging.

You may have noticed the change in title – just thought I’d clear that up first, I wouldn’t actually say I’ve been reclining, quite the opposite really – I’ve been on my grind hard… just not the rap grind.
A promotion at work I couldn’t turn down, and a jump up from part time to full time, has meant my pockets got fatter…but my hours in the day got thinner (see below illustrated apology if you were waiting for some shit).

After a few (dozen) half awake days at the work desk, and then the mixing desk, I think I’ve pretty much sussed a balance with work and music that I’m cool with (and then the rest of life ie. the missus, the homies, running my newly founded bikie gang, and the x-box…).

People that don’t know me (and even some of those that do) could understandably assume I had stopped rapping since I haven’t really been doing shit visibly, or making any attempt at all to explain otherwise, but what most people don’t realise is that I’ve been doing raps since about the time I could easily string together creativity, and had a basic understanding of what rhymed and what didn’t. The only thing different over the last few years (minus 2010), is I got off my ass and tried to do it with some degree of public visibility. I didn’t start rapping when I started gigging, and I definitely didn’t stop when C4/Juice dropped the Whoa video down in their priority play grades.

So yeah, I AM working on collating (and finishing/polishing) a bunch of tracks at the moment which I’ll put out on an EP this year with a couple of vids to go with it. I’ll speak more on that in the next couple weeks!

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