Outta my Hands video – the drawing board

Park Road - the sky doesn't always look like that

I had my first sit down with Darwin Go this week about a video we’re doing for a new track you might have heard me do live if you’ve been to a gig in the last little bit, it’s called Outta my Hands. Darwin did a lot of the post production for the Whoa video, and also did the homie TK’s Liar Liar ft. Deach video recently.

I met Darwin at his work, Park Road productions…and man, that place is unreal – from the outside it looks like a 5 star japanese hotel, and from the inside… a gentlemans-by invite only-country club. It was opulent as fuck. I don’t really use that word often, but its justified as here.

The bro has a mean concept for the vid which we’re gonna get started on soon before we lose Welly’s something-like-summer weather, so we’re brainstorming up a couple of locations now. Its gonna be a smaller budget than Whoa, relying entirely on the cd/royalty money I’ve had stashed away fattening up slowly in shares (shout outs to Australia’s mining sector lol). So we also need to start planning any product placement/sponsorship we can pull to stretch that money out like the rubberband I keep it tucked in. If you’ve got any ideas lemme know! I’ll keep you updated with mine.

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