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Earlier this week I managed to pull the-now international-homie D Dot Dallas away from the tennis for an advice filled convo about how I’m gonna go about releasing my new stuff, and how I should be going about gettin my thing done in general. Dave is one of my favourite rap mates (not that I have heaps) to go to for advice…firstly cause he obviously knows his shit, and secondly cause he’ll mix the advice in with enough insults for you to not really feel like you’re abusing your friendship for free career advice.

I think I’ve had this same conversation a couple times in the past, but being on my full time corporate grind at the same time as doing the rap thing makes it a bit more relevant. The point of the conversation was about timing between dropping a video and releasing to radio/internet/iphone, to wait or not to wait  type thing, but it ended up centering on this: The bro’s main point was that I should stop trying to do everything myself and focus solely on the raps/music/my brand. Those of you familiar with my hustle probably know that for a minute now I’ve been doing everything myself throughout the process of getting music out to the listener, from the rap writing stage (obviously) to the video servicing. The artwork, the mixing, servicing to radio, the ‘mastering’ (or not, in most cases), servicing videos, etc (there’s a lot of etc’s). All that shit. While doing that is cool for a whole bunch of reasons, not the least of those being that I know everythings being handled the way I think it should be… it also obviously means it takes a million times longer for me to get a song from the pad to the booth, to you.

A very condensed summary of conversation would look like this…similar to most Music Marketing for Dummies books, but with more gratitious swearing.

“You need to stop doing it all, delegate that shit”

“I don’t know anybody I’ve got enough faith in to take that shit over…or money to pay them”

“Then you need to find someone you CAN hand it over to”


“Your skill is being an artist, coming up with creative ideas and making music, there’s people out there that are ACTUALLY skilled in the other areas you keep trying to fuck around with”


You’re paying to make songs and videos right?…Pay someone to take care of the rest, there’s no point doing it half-assed, aye?”


[end of break at work]

This might sound contradictory to my ‘only need to do it for me’ post when I kicked the blog back off…. but it’s not really, the word half-assed sort of sums it up, I’m not keen on doing shit half-assed, and all that other stuff which I’ll be trying to delegate the fuck out there…that’s actually for you (assuming you’re interested in hearing the raps), not me. So you can hear the tracks, and if you like them, hear them again. Otherwise I might as well make no effort at all to get them out there. You’re welcome © – Veridian Dynamics.

So yeah, I’m gonna take a different approach with this one. More time on the raps, more hands off everything else.

Oh and the other outcome of the conversation was there’s no point waiting for the video to drop before putting the track out there…so stay tuned, I’ll be upping Outta my Hands in the next week.

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