6 years ago today

6 years ago today I was in a car crash – I got pretty messed up and the lady in the car I hit passed away. I spent the next few months in Otaki living out of a hospital bed and realising that I didn’t really want to finish my degree at Vic, and would rather give rapping a go. My mate PNC had started blowing up and was cool enough to let me introduce myself on a track with him and Che Fu, so I figured it was as good a time as any.

So I told mum, pulled outta uni $30 something thousand poorer, and proceeded to make Second Chances. This album really was therapy so I wasn’t really expecting any benefit from it other than that, but turned out even with my piss poor mixing attempt, people seemed to like it. So in case you like it too I’ve uploaded it all to Soundcloud

Why no follow up album yet? Mainly because I got tired of the grind, making music will always be my favourite thing in the world – but smashing it out daily online, on radio, and everything else involved in getting music from me to you – is far from anywhere near my top 10 ways to spend time outside my 9 hour work day. There IS an EP on it’s way though – honest.

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