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If you’ve read the rest of the series (or watched Game of Thrones on TV) then you already know what it is, this dudes books are crazy – when it comes to genre of choice I’m pretty much a fantasy novel nerd so it’s a no brainer that I’ve read all of 5 these and part of me will be hanging the fuck out for the next 8 years it’ll probably take him to finish the next one. For humours sake, check out his blog – he looks like an old, post-village people version of Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons.

Now that I’ve smashed that 1022 page bastard I can finally pick this back up (cue: token rap related topic) – if you haven’t read this and you like raps, then you should, I pretty much skip the pages breaking down Jay Hova’s verses, cause there’s not much enjoyment to be had reading rap lyrics you already know word for word, but his descriptions of what it was like coming up for him (which is where I’m up to at the moment) and narratives on hip hop in general are prettttty good. If there’s not enough gangster in his accounts, try this one


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