Shiiit, another year down.

I’m posted up on Kapiti Island right now eating my way through the tail end of a Hennesy, Ciroc, Patron, Frangelico and Jim Beam hangover. But that’s what New Years is about right? Still made it up in time for a 9am Paua gathering hunt with the homies so it’s not all bad.

I’m not Skillz so my 2011 wrap up isn’t gonna rhyme, but the concept remains.

I spent 2011 working like a corporate slave so I could eat like a maori king come bonus time. Except that phrase would be better suited to someone who doesn’t have a $38,000 debt to an insurance company that needs to be settled before he can look at joining the first home buyer gang.

I like to think of myself as having a pretty solid work ethic, which as an unsigned artist pretty much accounts for half my visibility. The downside to that is that it’s not specific to the music game, so when I’m putting in work at my 9-5…I’m really putting in work and it often turns into an 8-6, with a 15 minute break for a feed if I’m feeling lazy. The effect of that on my music is obviously having less time in front of the speakers with a pen and (i)Pad.
That being said, I have nearly finished this EP/album I’ve been chipping away at in silence. My promo game was the first thing to get pushed down the list when I started working full time (OK, so it probably got pushed off the list, but the actual making of music still dominates my day when I’m not at work, or at home doing work. The slowing down of my promo grind just means you won’t have heard much about it, but I’m still doing it.
I’m pretty much waiting on a coupe verses from the bros, then it’s mixing time, then I’ll have it out there for you to listen to if you so choose.
In the meantime there’s a video on the way for Outta My Hands and another joint, and maybe even another blog post before then…
Welcome to twenty twelve!


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