Interview for Invasion Mag UK

Interview for Invasion Mag 2013


MC -slash- producer -slash- corporate slave -slash- dreamer.  Not a title that is thrown around too often in the realm of hip hop but then again, there are not too many people like Percieve out there.  Having stalked the New Zealand hip hop scene since the early 2000s, Percieve has darted in and out of it like a forked cobra’s tongue, each time making headlines for his wicked style and ambitious projects.  His debut album, Second Chances, dropped in 2009 following his involvement in a massive car accident which, as the MC states, “put things in perspective”.  Dropping out of a promising university degree, Percieve (a.k.a. Pera Barrett) decided to focus on his rehabilitation and love of hip hop.  Second Chances was the product of that and despite it being essentially a project of therapy, the album got some quality reviews.  This was followed up in 2010 by the epic video ‘Whoa’, featuring PNC and Flowz, which got mad reviews all over NZ.

Having spent the past couple of years “working like a corporate slave so I can eat like a Maori king,” Percieve has not released any music for a while. “When you’re not making it (music) to put out, there is less urgency about it which can be good or bad I guess.  I have just been making it to keep my sanity.  I’ll get bored and fat if I don’t!”  Now, in 2013 he’s released the first single ‘Yes Bro’, off his soon to be released EP, featuring the talents of PNC and Sheree Moanaroa. And he needs your help.

The task is simple.  ‘Yes Bro’ is currently up on, NZonAir’s wildcard video funding site.  Basically if  it hits number one by the end of the month of September he’ll receive $10,000 in funding towards the making of a music video for the track.  Simply click on the link below, listen to the track and vote for him. You’ll hear it for yourself, the track is tight and if it reaches that number one spot then we have no doubt that this creative cat will blow your mind with the video.  Invasion unite!  This type of chance doesn’t come around every day for up and coming MC’s so get involved, vote and support Percieve and New Zealand hip hop.

Shooting the video for Take it All




Got back into Welly yesterday, my last minute time off to roll to Aucks for my man PNCs Take It All vid meant I had to head straight from the airport to the office and  back into the corporate side of my work + life (un)balance.

Aside from forgetting 5 different items of clothing, a much smaller ‘after’ bank balance, enough humidity to make a Hungry Hippo explode, and the scariest plane ride of my life, it was a mean few days in the 09.
I came out of SkyCity $5 better off than I went in and more than made up for that on Wednesday nights bar spending.
Spent the day shooting the video for Take it all, the playback I saw was dope so I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product in the next week or two, Anthony Plant from Fish N Clips is directing it – he’s the man behind the camera here:

Spent the shoot downtime at Dirty/Dawnraid with the big homie David Dallas dropping gems on how to best manage this EP I’m getting ready to put out there. Sometimes even the most obvious shit still needs to be said by someone who knows what they’re talking about for you to make yourself put it into action.
Checked out Flo bar in New Market with the world’s least hip hop looking DJ, D-rail, PNC and Pieter T on wednesday night and man, that was one of the coolest spots I’ve been to in a bit. I was expecting a regular ol’ club a la coyotes on R&B night, but this place was more like a jazz bar for R&B singers. They had 4 open Mics and a 5 piece band ready to jam out whatever you’re keen to sing to.
Vince Harder, Pieter T, and Mz J were there smashing out tracks solo and as a gang,  There were also other dudes from the crowd jumping up to sing their favourite R&B joints. Welly heads: think Valve MC open mic nights in 2003, swap the drunk rappers with mean singers, the 5 strong patron base of rappers not quite ready to get up in front of anyone with 60 odd well dressed heads there to watch on the spot musicality, switch the Jack Daniels from Red Label to Black Label, and we’re there. Definitely something I’ll try and check out again next time I’m in Aucks.

photo (7)

Shout outs to D-rail, Klipz, and Tricq for the couch space, D-rail’s pug for the play fights, and Pat’s puppy for the sexually violated sneakers.


Delegate it up

Earlier this week I managed to pull the-now international-homie D Dot Dallas away from the tennis for an advice filled convo about how I’m gonna go about releasing my new stuff, and how I should be going about gettin my thing done in general. Dave is one of my favourite rap mates (not that I have heaps) to go to for advice…firstly cause he obviously knows his shit, and secondly cause he’ll mix the advice in with enough insults for you to not really feel like you’re abusing your friendship for free career advice.

I think I’ve had this same conversation Continue reading

Outta my Hands video – the drawing board

Park Road - the sky doesn't always look like that

I had my first sit down with Darwin Go this week about a video we’re doing for a new track you might have heard me do live if you’ve been to a gig in the last little bit, it’s called Outta my Hands. Darwin did a lot of the post production for the Whoa video, and also did the homie TK’s Liar Liar ft. Deach video recently.

I met Darwin at his work, Park Road productions…and man, that place is unreal – from the outside it looks like a 5 star japanese hotel, and from the inside… a gentlemans-by invite only-country club. It was opulent as fuck. I don’t really use that word often, but its justified as here.

The bro has a mean concept for the vid which we’re gonna get started on soon before we lose Welly’s something-like-summer weather, so we’re brainstorming up a couple of locations now. Its gonna be a smaller budget than Whoa, relying entirely on the cd/royalty money I’ve had stashed away fattening up slowly in shares (shout outs to Australia’s mining sector lol). So we also need to start planning any product placement/sponsorship we can pull to stretch that money out like the rubberband I keep it tucked in. If you’ve got any ideas lemme know! I’ll keep you updated with mine.


I wrote this post a long time ago, a really long time ago © 2pac/Dave Chappelle

In an interview for the bro Ben Walker a while back we were talking about motives behind music, or something along those lines, and I thought it was worth writing up – I would have done so then…cept I hadn’t got off my ass to snatch the site back from it’s online kidnappers yet.

This might make it a little easier to understand why it was so easy for me to disappear out of anything resembling the public eye last year (if that’s something you care about, read on – otherwise…you’re probably at the wrong spot anyway).

It’s not something I’d ever really thought about before (probably since I’m seldom introspective unless theres a nice beat with some soul samples playing), but we were talking about the difference between rapping-for-your-damn-self, and rapping for ears/speakers/IP-addresses. Because every young rapper probably builds themselves up with the goal of getting their shit out there, and being known on the block as the baddest MC etc, you’re sorta biased as to how mean that actually is when/if you get there, but over Continue reading

Diggin for beats


Was round at the homie Flowz’ (not really sure if I’m meant to put an S on the end of Flowz) pad yesterday having a listen through what he’s been working on lately and dropping off a track of mine he’s doing up a verse for.

#ShitIdidn’tKnow – Flowz has a diploma in audio engineering so has been mixing all his (draft) tracks himself and they’re sounding dope!

After the obligatory convo with an incarcerated scarface through the Rimataka phone system we got to going through some ridiculous beats he’s had on stash from Alphabethead …that dude is crazy with the sampling. Being the insane/genius turntablist that he is, you already know he’s gonna be equally as mental with the sampling and arrangements. I’m really looking forward to working with Flowz on one of those suckers I took home. Not sure what it will be turning up on, but it’ll be on something, and it’ll be mean (nothings been written for it yet so that’s based entirely on the beat alone!)

We sussed a couple other joints to work on too, stay tuned.


Reclining the grind

Yup I’m back with the blogging.

You may have noticed the change in title – just thought I’d clear that up first, I wouldn’t actually say I’ve been reclining, quite the opposite really – I’ve been on my grind hard… just not the rap grind.
A promotion at work I couldn’t turn down, and a jump up from part time to full time, has meant my pockets got fatter…but my hours in the day got thinner (see below illustrated apology if you were waiting for some shit).

After a few (dozen) half awake days at the work desk, and then the mixing desk, I think I’ve pretty much sussed a balance with work and music that I’m Continue reading