Shot bros! Share the song, and shots are on me!

To say thanks for all the love and support you guys have been showing me and Yes Bro I’m buying shots for everyone that shares the song between now and Saturday night.

I’ll also send everyone that does and advance copy of the EP one week before its released.

I’m in Auckland till Monday so if you’re out there tomorrow nig let me know where and I’ll try get out there. But if I can’t, me, PNC, DJ D-rail and the bro SP will have to down the shot for you. But don’t worry, we’re gonna film the whole thing in stop motion so you can see the nights progression (or regression). It’ll be just like you’re there, minus the hangover.

Couple of things to remember:
* Share from the Audience link (as opposed to hitting share on someone else’s Facebook share)
* Tag me so I can see it
* Don’t forget to play the song and vote while you’re at it!

Shots bro!