Whoa – ft PNC & Flowz. Original remix video – bad words and all.

So it’s taken me a few years to find 45mins to line up the original… remix version of this song with the bad azz video that Shahir made, and upload this video of the song in it’s original form.

To be honest I never liked the radio/video version of the remix, mainly because what I liked about the song itself was the hardness of the hook. Obviously when you take out the swear words that are the backbone of that hook, it’s gonna have less impact-and to me at least-stop serving it’s purpose.

In other music news, the mixed songs for my EP are coming back in one at a time from Stu @ State of Mind, and man it makes a difference having songs mixed. Being a the glutton for work that I am I’ve always mixed my own tracks (well that’s what I thought I was doing at the time – hearing Stu’s mixes now I realise I was just fuckin around).

Finishing up this verse for the bro Jay Knight today, then off for a dive tomorrow to celebrate your queen sovereign’s birthday.

Catch up!

Diggin for beats


Was round at the homie Flowz’ (not really sure if I’m meant to put an S on the end of Flowz) pad yesterday having a listen through what he’s been working on lately and dropping off a track of mine he’s doing up a verse for.

#ShitIdidn’tKnow – Flowz has a diploma in audio engineering so has been mixing all his (draft) tracks himself and they’re sounding dope!

After the obligatory convo with an incarcerated scarface through the Rimataka phone system we got to going through some ridiculous beats he’s had on stash from Alphabethead …that dude is crazy with the sampling. Being the insane/genius turntablist that he is, you already know he’s gonna be equally as mental with the sampling and arrangements. I’m really looking forward to working with Flowz on one of those suckers I took home. Not sure what it will be turning up on, but it’ll be on something, and it’ll be mean (nothings been written for it yet so that’s based entirely on the beat alone!)

We sussed a couple other joints to work on too, stay tuned.