Interview for Invasion Mag UK

Interview for Invasion Mag 2013


MC -slash- producer -slash- corporate slave -slash- dreamer.  Not a title that is thrown around too often in the realm of hip hop but then again, there are not too many people like Percieve out there.  Having stalked the New Zealand hip hop scene since the early 2000s, Percieve has darted in and out of it like a forked cobra’s tongue, each time making headlines for his wicked style and ambitious projects.  His debut album, Second Chances, dropped in 2009 following his involvement in a massive car accident which, as the MC states, “put things in perspective”.  Dropping out of a promising university degree, Percieve (a.k.a. Pera Barrett) decided to focus on his rehabilitation and love of hip hop.  Second Chances was the product of that and despite it being essentially a project of therapy, the album got some quality reviews.  This was followed up in 2010 by the epic video ‘Whoa’, featuring PNC and Flowz, which got mad reviews all over NZ.

Having spent the past couple of years “working like a corporate slave so I can eat like a Maori king,” Percieve has not released any music for a while. “When you’re not making it (music) to put out, there is less urgency about it which can be good or bad I guess.  I have just been making it to keep my sanity.  I’ll get bored and fat if I don’t!”  Now, in 2013 he’s released the first single ‘Yes Bro’, off his soon to be released EP, featuring the talents of PNC and Sheree Moanaroa. And he needs your help.

The task is simple.  ‘Yes Bro’ is currently up on, NZonAir’s wildcard video funding site.  Basically if  it hits number one by the end of the month of September he’ll receive $10,000 in funding towards the making of a music video for the track.  Simply click on the link below, listen to the track and vote for him. You’ll hear it for yourself, the track is tight and if it reaches that number one spot then we have no doubt that this creative cat will blow your mind with the video.  Invasion unite!  This type of chance doesn’t come around every day for up and coming MC’s so get involved, vote and support Percieve and New Zealand hip hop.