Yes Bro – featuring PNC and Sheree Moanaroa

Sup guys,

If we’re mates on Facebook, or you follow my band page you’ll already be well aware of this, but just in case: The first song from my EP is up on right now. The website is NZonAir’s wildcard video funding site, meaning if we can make it to number one on the Wildcard chart there, and stay at the top spot for the month, we’ll score video funding… which I’ll be using to take the bro PNC up to Otaki and film a mean video!

The way it works is:

  • I need to be number one at the end of the month
  • Votes and plays count as chart points and move it up where it needs to be
  • You can vote and play every day
  • Clicking add to Queue or adding the track to your playlist on The Audience.
  • Clicking ‘become a fan’ helps too.

Click the link below to go to the song:

If you’re on fb you might have also seen me mention my nana passed away last week, so obviously trying to spread the word about the track is the last thing on my mind, and I’m definitely not operating at 100% yet, so any help you guys can give would be awesome. Share the song, and vote & play as often as you can. It all helps!

And if your grandparents are still around, please take some time out to tell them you love them – without them there wouldn’t be a you, don’t leave it too late.


Whoa – ft PNC & Flowz. Original remix video – bad words and all.

So it’s taken me a few years to find 45mins to line up the original… remix version of this song with the bad azz video that Shahir made, and upload this video of the song in it’s original form.

To be honest I never liked the radio/video version of the remix, mainly because what I liked about the song itself was the hardness of the hook. Obviously when you take out the swear words that are the backbone of that hook, it’s gonna have less impact-and to me at least-stop serving it’s purpose.

In other music news, the mixed songs for my EP are coming back in one at a time from Stu @ State of Mind, and man it makes a difference having songs mixed. Being a the glutton for work that I am I’ve always mixed my own tracks (well that’s what I thought I was doing at the time – hearing Stu’s mixes now I realise I was just fuckin around).

Finishing up this verse for the bro Jay Knight today, then off for a dive tomorrow to celebrate your queen sovereign’s birthday.

Catch up!

Take it all video

If you haven’t watched it yet, check out the rap-boy-band vid for PNCs Take it all featuring Jordache, David Dallas, Louie Knuxx, and myself. This will be on PNC’s album Under The Influence out later this month, I’ve been bumping the album all week and it’s fresh like new Pani Popo – so get ready to cop that.

Good times.

Shooting the video for Take it All




Got back into Welly yesterday, my last minute time off to roll to Aucks for my man PNCs Take It All vid meant I had to head straight from the airport to the office and  back into the corporate side of my work + life (un)balance.

Aside from forgetting 5 different items of clothing, a much smaller ‘after’ bank balance, enough humidity to make a Hungry Hippo explode, and the scariest plane ride of my life, it was a mean few days in the 09.
I came out of SkyCity $5 better off than I went in and more than made up for that on Wednesday nights bar spending.
Spent the day shooting the video for Take it all, the playback I saw was dope so I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product in the next week or two, Anthony Plant from Fish N Clips is directing it – he’s the man behind the camera here:

Spent the shoot downtime at Dirty/Dawnraid with the big homie David Dallas dropping gems on how to best manage this EP I’m getting ready to put out there. Sometimes even the most obvious shit still needs to be said by someone who knows what they’re talking about for you to make yourself put it into action.
Checked out Flo bar in New Market with the world’s least hip hop looking DJ, D-rail, PNC and Pieter T on wednesday night and man, that was one of the coolest spots I’ve been to in a bit. I was expecting a regular ol’ club a la coyotes on R&B night, but this place was more like a jazz bar for R&B singers. They had 4 open Mics and a 5 piece band ready to jam out whatever you’re keen to sing to.
Vince Harder, Pieter T, and Mz J were there smashing out tracks solo and as a gang,  There were also other dudes from the crowd jumping up to sing their favourite R&B joints. Welly heads: think Valve MC open mic nights in 2003, swap the drunk rappers with mean singers, the 5 strong patron base of rappers not quite ready to get up in front of anyone with 60 odd well dressed heads there to watch on the spot musicality, switch the Jack Daniels from Red Label to Black Label, and we’re there. Definitely something I’ll try and check out again next time I’m in Aucks.

photo (7)

Shout outs to D-rail, Klipz, and Tricq for the couch space, D-rail’s pug for the play fights, and Pat’s puppy for the sexually violated sneakers.


Percieve – All I know freestyle

Joint I finished recording/mixing today - nothing fancy, just some real life raps and an instrumental.

Instrumental + raps = easy mixing.

On a side note I finally copied EZ Drummer over to the PC today, gonna start banging around on that soon - getting a bit sick of Kontakt's full kit (and no separate mixing for each drum) approach.

Percieve – All I love freestyle by Percieve