Yes Bro – featuring PNC and Sheree Moanaroa

Sup guys,

If we’re mates on Facebook, or you follow my band page you’ll already be well aware of this, but just in case: The first song from my EP is up on right now. The website is NZonAir’s wildcard video funding site, meaning if we can make it to number one on the Wildcard chart there, and stay at the top spot for the month, we’ll score video funding… which I’ll be using to take the bro PNC up to Otaki and film a mean video!

The way it works is:

  • I need to be number one at the end of the month
  • Votes and plays count as chart points and move it up where it needs to be
  • You can vote and play every day
  • Clicking add to Queue or adding the track to your playlist on The Audience.
  • Clicking ‘become a fan’ helps too.

Click the link below to go to the song:

If you’re on fb you might have also seen me mention my nana passed away last week, so obviously trying to spread the word about the track is the last thing on my mind, and I’m definitely not operating at 100% yet, so any help you guys can give would be awesome. Share the song, and vote & play as often as you can. It all helps!

And if your grandparents are still around, please take some time out to tell them you love them – without them there wouldn’t be a you, don’t leave it too late.


Upcoming NZ on Air changes

Worth knowing if you’re thinking of applying for, or been applying for, NZ On Air video grants, especially the part about more focus on emerging artists!

NZ On Air is set to undergo a fairly significant set of changes to the way funding is distributed to artists seeking assistance.

Music business consultant (and former head of EMI) Chris Caddick was commissioned in April 2010 to undertake a full and unbiased review of New Zealand’s domestic music funding programmes. As a result, NZ On Air is now planning a massive set of changes to the way New Zealand music is funded and promoted.

Over a hundred “industry types” were interviewed, while 655 members of the public responded to a comprehensive online survey on the matter.

Acknowledging the invaluable assistance that NZ On Air has given our artists, and the boost that NZ Music has seen over the past two decades, Caddick’s report also concluded that certain aspects of the music industry (most notably digital platforms, alternative radio and up-and-coming artists) were not receiving the Continue reading